Winning the Gold Medal for Product Excellence at the H.H. Backer Christmas trade show was the second major goal set for Doggie Driving LLC and accomplished because of the advice and guidance provided by Scott Salzman of BrightSpot Solutions. The first goal was preparing my business to exhibit at the 2005 H.H. Backer Christmas Trade Show, and because of Scott’s consultation, this goal was achieved.

Scott has helped me through the invention process of manufacturing, production and many other aspects involved to take a product from concept to actually making sales. Through first hand experience he has guided me around new inventor pitfalls. Scott’s advice saved me countless hours and most importantly funds. I was able to save money and avoid mistakes because of his experience. I did not have to second-guess decisions; I had experience guiding me and was therefore able to focus and progress.
As an inventor and first time exhibitor at a major trade show I had many questions about the process towards exhibiting a successful show. Scott assisted me in outlining goals and discussed the steps to achieve these goals. His advice not only provided me with an extremely successful outcome but also enabled me to gain maximum exposure for my product.
While at the tradeshow, many veteran vendors thought I had been exhibiting for years. I was organized, looked polished, knew the ins and outs, and was completely prepared for whatever came my way. The knowledge and experience Scott shared with me enabled me to gain confidence of buyers and respect from fellow vendors.
It is with great pleasure that I recommend fellow inventors seek the advice of Scott Salzman. Use his advice and experience to follow in the footsteps of his accomplishments and the success those he has guided.
Melissa Kann
Doggie Driving
Boulder, CO
My business partner and I had just begun our company, Brew Innovations, LLC, manufacturing new products for the beer industry when I first consulted Scott Salzman. Scott has offered advice in numerous areas of our business.  He was able to offer different options for manufacturing which helped us determine that we had chosen the right approach for sourcing our parts. Scott suggested several business practices that we might have overlooked such as having liability insurance.

Our most difficult struggle has been with marketing and Scott has helped get us on track. For example, we chose to spend our limited marketing dollars on press releases as opposed to running an expensive advertising campaign.  In addition, Scott taught us how to get free publicity. His advice has resulted in several articles published about our business thus leading to more sales than an ad ever would have produced.   Scott has also taught us about several distribution options that we never would have considered. 

Scott’s many suggestions and chronicles of his experience have guided us to the successful launch of our company. I can say that our business has significantly increased and is further along today because of our consultations. As we continue to expand, I am confident that Scott will be able to guide us into the next stage of our business.


Ryan W.
Brew Innovations, LLC




You provide a unique service, acting as mentor for a pet business startup for a very reasonable cost. Your advice is invaluable for avoiding mistakes and wasting precious time. I appreciate the on-going help and advice with sales and marketing.

Best Regards,

Feline Focus